Often in open outcry markets the trader who has effected a bargain is not the owner of the trade, having initiated it on behalf of another firm. Allocation refers to the process of allocating, or 'giving up' the trade within the Trade Registration System ( TRS) to the originating firm, so that the trade ends up in the appropriate firm's account. Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein financial glossary
Also posting Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary
Calculation method allocating expenses to the cost of the various products in order to calculate the complete cost. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary

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allocation al‧lo‧ca‧tion [ˌæləˈkeɪʆn] noun
1. [countable, uncountable] the amount or share of something allocated to a person or organization, or the act of deciding how much of something each person or organization should get:

• New airlines at the airport are being given priority in the allocation of take-off and landing slots.

reˈsource allˌocation [countable, uncountable] ECONOMICS
the way that the resources of a company, country etc are used for different purposes, and how this is decided:

• Resource-allocation decisions should be based on all costs of production, not merely those costs reflected in market prices.

2. [countable] ACCOUNTING FINANCE an amount, cost, or expense allocated to a particular part of a company's accounts:

• Its per-share earnings rose to $1.09 after excluding extraordinary items and allocations to reserves.

ˈcost alloˌcation [uncountable] FINANCE
when a business attaches particular costs to particular activities, products etc:

• Confusing engineering and product costs would have resulted in the wrong product costs on any basis of cost allocation.

3. [countable] FINANCE the number of shares allocated to each possible buyer when new shares are first made available:

• They will be sent details of their share allocation and will receive a minimum of 450 shares each.

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allocation UK US /ˌæləˈkeɪʃən/ noun
[U] the act of deciding officially which person, company, area of business, etc. something should be given to, or what share of a total amount of something such as money or time should be given to someone to use in a particular way: »

resource/time allocation


The company is holding a review into the optimal allocation of a salesperson's time.

allocation of capital/funds/resources »

The move will lead to more efficient pricing and allocation of capital.

[C] the share of a total amount of something given to a person, company, etc.: »

The program is financed with a $5 billion annual allocation.

[C or U] (also allotment) STOCK MARKET the number of new shares that are offered to each possible buyer, or the process of offering them: »

The rules on performance-related share allocations are extremely complex.


Each individual investor got an allocation of 294 shares.

[C or U] ACCOUNTING a cost or an amount that is put in a particular place in a company's accounts, or the process of putting it there
See also COST ALLOCATION(Cf. ↑cost allocation)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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